Embracing the Future: 2023 Supply Chain Recruiting Trends

As the landscape of supply chain operations evolves, the chase for talent is no different. Here are the anticipated supply chain recruiting trends for 2023, each promising a unique twist in the quest for the most competent professionals.

Harnessing Data to Counter Disruptions in Supply Chain

The echoes of supply chain disruptions rarely witnessed outside the context of wars, have made the past two years a thrilling roller coaster ride. The new challenge that looms includes increased freight costs, capacity limits, and labor shortages. The panacea? A complete overhaul of the supply chain process, from procurement to delivery. The key to achieving this lies in data-driven insights which can inform decisions about cost reduction and optimizing operations. Embracing data not only brings about more efficient decisions, but it also makes operations more transparent.

As supply chain recruiters, it’s crucial to seek candidates skilled in managing data-intensive supply chains, considering automated digital solutions’ transformative potential on supply chains. Moving forward, as data-driven solutions rise in importance, it will be crucial to recruit professionals skilled in utilizing tools like advanced analytics and AI/ML for real-time decision-making.

Prioritizing Candidates with Ethical Sourcing Expertise

As businesses lean more towards social responsibility, the importance of ethical sourcing is magnified. This calls for supply chain recruiters to scout for candidates experienced in ethical sourcing to align with the company’s values. A significant portion of US customers advocate for companies to support causes like sustainability, transparency, and fair employment practices. Businesses can meet this demand by prioritizing candidates with ethical sourcing experience to ensure that ethical practices prevail throughout the supply chain journey, from sourcing materials and labor to manufacturing.

Seeking Candidates Proficient in Circular Supply Chain

The circular economy is growing in popularity as businesses look for ways to minimize their environmental footprint and foster a sustainable future. This trend necessitates supply chain recruiters to look for candidates who understand the nuances of circular supply chain management. Businesses can benefit from reduced costs and a lesser risk of price volatility by implementing a circular supply chain.

Recruiters need to focus on candidates with experience in designing and implementing circular systems and identifying areas for improvement. Such supply chain professionals can help companies transition towards an ethical and environmentally friendly logistics system.

Concluding Thoughts

The strategies for recruiting supply chain talent must evolve with the changing dynamics of the global supply chain. Companies must focus on candidates with experience in data-driven solutions, ethical sourcing, and circular supply chain management to meet customer expectations regarding sustainability and ethical sourcing.

Nxt Level, a seasoned supply chain recruitment agency, prides itself on being in tune with these trends. Our expertise spans across the United States with companies like Wayfair, Axon, multiple robotics startups, and more. Our proactive approach enables us to identify the perfect candidates for our clients, whether they need a new head of supply chain, a supply chain analyst, or a logistics manager.

We strive to build long-term relationships with our clients and supply chain candidates, fostering lasting partnerships, and helping our clients realize their potential. Get in touch with us today to start building a formidable supply chain team for your business.

Shane Shown

The entrepreneurial spirit burns brightly in Shane Shown, whose business journey began as a young child creating and selling Pokemon Bookmarks. His ambition and tenacity have propelled him to work with major international companies including Facebook, The Climate Corporation, Zillow, and College Works. In 2017 he launched Nxt Level Recruiting which specializes in high-level head hunting for the Technology and Video Game sectors with highly customized recruitment services. The year 2020 saw a successful move into Nashville for the company. 2023 brought the launch of three new divisions, Nxt Attorney, Nxt Level Civil Engineering, and Nxt Level HealthTech. Outside of the office, he serves as Co-City Leader for Founders Live: an international pitch competition empowering entrepreneurs around the world with funding opportunities.

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