Elevating Careers and Changing Lives: A Stellar 2023 at Nxt Level!

As we wrapped up an exhilarating 2023, it’s time to reflect on the monumental achievements of our small, yet incredibly dynamic team at Nxt Level. The past year has been nothing short of a rocket ride to success, and we’re thrilled to share these moments with you!

A Spectrum of Success: Diverse Placements in High-Caliber Roles

Our dedicated team has worked tirelessly to match exceptional talent with their dream roles. From visionary Chief Operating Officers to innovative Vice Presidents, from creative Designers to groundbreaking Engineers, and from astute Attorneys to meticulous Accountants, we’ve covered the full spectrum of professional excellence. Our commitment even extended to the world of civil engineering, where we’ve placed experts who are shaping our urban landscapes.

Financial Triumphs: Securing Over $7.6M in Salaries

2023 wasn’t just about placing candidates; it was about ensuring they were rewarded with salaries that truly reflect their worth. We’re proud to announce that we’ve secured over $7.6 million in salaries for our candidates, marking a significant milestone in our journey of empowering professionals.

Quality Over Quantity: A Mantra We Live By

At Nxt Level, we believe in the power of precision. We’ve always valued quality over quantity, ensuring that our clients are presented with only the crème de la crème of candidates. Our rigorous selection process means our clients spend less time sifting through options and more time making decisions that matter.

Living Our Motto: Dream Big. Hire Right. Change Lives.

Every day, we’re driven by our motto: “Dream Big. Hire Right. Change Lives.” We’ve seen firsthand how the right placement can transform not just a workplace, but entire lives. It’s not just a job for us; it’s a mission to make meaningful, lasting impacts in the professional world.

🔭 Looking Ahead: The Exciting Prospects of 2024

As we set our sights on 2024, we’re filled with anticipation and excitement. The future holds endless possibilities, and we’re ready to embrace them with the same passion and dedication that have marked our journey so far.

Thank you for being a part of our incredible 2023. Here’s to continuing our partnership and achieving even greater heights in 2024!

$375,000 – Chief Operating Officer

$275,000 – VP of Product and Engineering

$245,000 – VP of Finance

$225,000 – Senior Gameplay Programmer

$225,000 – Lead Graphics Engineer

$205,000 – Audio Lead

$205,000 – Senior Gameplay Producer

$200,000 – Product Policy Lead

$200,000 – Director of Animation

$200,000 – Senior AI Engineer

$192,000 – Embedded Engineering Manager

$190,000 -Senior Backend Engineer, Data Platform

$190,000 – Senior Full Stack Engineer

$190,000 – Senior Machine Learning Engineer

$175,000 – Senior Tools & Infrastructure Engineer

$170,000 – Lead Lighting Artist

$165,000 – Senior Civil Engineer

$165,000 -Animation Director

$160,000 – Lead LiveOps Engineer

$150,000 – Mech Character Concept Artist

$150,000 – Litigation Attorney, Employment

$150,000 – Senior Environment Artist

$145,000 – Lead Engineer

$145,000 – Product Policy Manager

$140,000 – Senior Character Animator

$140,000 – Senior Gameplay Engineer

$140,000 – Senior Gameplay Programmer

$140,000 – Senior Water Resources Engineer

$136,000 – Lead VFX Artist

$135,000 – Senior UI/UX Designer

$135,000 – Senior DevOps Engineer

$135,000 – Technical Artist

$130,000 – Senior Technical Environment Artist

$130,000 – Senior Game Engineer

$125,000 – Senior Gameplay Programmer

$125,000 – Senior Full Stack Developer

$120,000 – Lead Game Designer

$120,000 – Lead Gameplay Engineer

$115,000 – React Native Engineer

$115,000 – Graphics/Engine Engineer

$110,000 – Senior AI Programmer

$110,000 – Community Manager

$95,000 – Senior Environment Artist

$85,000 – UI Programmer

$85,000 – Senior UI Engineer

$85,000 – Associate Technical Artist

$83,000 – Lead Level Designer

$76,000 – Tax Paralegal

$75,000 – Civil Site Engineer

$66,000 – Land Surveyor

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